Argo Service and Maintenance

Does your Argo need a tune-up?

Servicing and maintaining your Argo is where we really shine.

Unlike our competitors, who might stock a model or two, we sell no other brands so Argos are the only vehicle we work with… so we know what we’re doing. With with over 20 years of experience servicing and maintaining them, we can guarantee no one is better qualified to look after your machine!

In addition, we have a large inventory of current and New Old Stock (NOS) parts on hand to ensure your Argo spends as little time in the shop as possible!

We also offer many preventative maintenance and service options. It’s a convenient way to keep your Argo healthy and in top condition.

To book a service appointment for your machine, click the button below to contact us or call 613 922 3519.

Remember: Never take your Argo to a shop that doesn’t specialize in Argos; these are unique machines that should be serviced by qualified professionals only.

Recently purchased an ARGO 2017. A problem occurred at 12km and I returned to dealer where I purchased but they could not fix the problem. Called SILLS ARGO. I delivered and picked again up in 3 working days. The service was excellent. Colin drove me through their test trails to show me the problem had been fixed. These guys eat and breathe ARGOS if you are thinking of buying an ARGO check SILLS ARGO out you won’t be disappointed.
Larry Jackson