Argo Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTVs)
Argo builds the ultimate wilderness vehicles for the toughest and most challenging terrain on the planet (and other planets too; we're a contributor to both NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, helping in the design and development of mobility platforms for extra-planetary exploration!).

Who else can say that?

Fully amphibious and able to traverse through ponds, streams, wetlands and swamps, Argo's incredible 6 and 8 wheel drive adventure vehicles are ideal for hunters, anglers, adventurers, outdoor professionals and emergency workers who absolutely must "get there."
Experience the Sills Argo Difference
What makes us different? Two things....

First, we're Argo experts. That means we only sell and service Argo XTVs and ATVs. You'll find no other brands in our showroom.

Second, we're passionately committed to our customers. In fact, Sills Argo is one of only two dealers who have received Argo's coveted President's Club member award... for selling more Argos in Ontario than any other dealer.

The fact is that when you buy your Argo from Sills Argo, you become family. And that's not some "feel good" marketing lip-service stuff. It's the truth.

So sit back and take some time to explore our web site. Check out Argo's amazing family of extreme vehicles to determine which model is for you. Need some parts? Check out our online store for convenient 24/7 ordering.

We also stock a variety of used models, but they go fast, and models come and go almost on a daily basis. Call us at 613 922 3519 for our current inventory. And don't forget the accessories that allow you to customize your Argo to your exact specifications.

If you have questions, we're always happy to help. Feel free to contact us through our online form or call us anytime at 613 922 3519 for help, advice or purchasing and financing options.

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