The Models May Change but the Passion Stays the Same!

The other day I got looking at a recent picture of my tech Trevor and me in the shop…

… and I got to thinking about the journey to get here.

As you may know, I took over the dealership in 2015 when we lost our good friend Don Sills.

But my Argo journey started a long time ago – over 30 years ago in fact – when as a kid I drove with my parents past by LeClair’s shop on our way to our family cottage, even then dreaming of one day owning a new Argo…

In the late 80’s or early 90’s (I can’t remember exactly) Ken Sills (shown below with a brand new 1995 Argo Conquest) took over the dealership from Leclair and moved it to his farm in Colborne.

Lucky for me, my Dad brokered apples for Ken so I would frequently visit to gather information and pester him about the Argos, while my Dad was loading apples…

Ken’s son Don (shown below with his son Jordan) took over the dealership in the late 1990s and eventually moved the business to his place on Hwy #2 in Trenton. Here, I stopped almost daily to bring Don a coffee and talk Argos.

We became good friends and I miss him every day!

In 2010 I finally got my first brand new Argo – a new Avenger with the Admiral transmission (my family had owned Argos since the 70’s, but this was my first brand new machine).

In 2015, my dream came true when I took over Sills Argo.

It’s been a long journey with a lot of “ups” and “downs” along the way, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I also have you to thank for supporting Lindsay and me along the way… you’re the reason I get to live the Argo dream.

Thank you!